R4 Card

These days, having a Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi have become more convenient and enjoyable due to the new R4 cards. With these cards, you can now watch movies, view pictures and read eBooks instead of just play games using your NDS consoles. Though original R4 cards were discontinued last 2008, better R4 cards and clones have been in production during the last few years. These cards/cartridges present better features as well as functionalities.

One of the best R4 cards around is R4DS. This NDS game cartridge is loved by Nintendo DS & Nintendo DS Lite owners because it can level up their user experience. So if you still own a DS & DS Lite, the R4DS cartridge will definitely give you more reason to stay home and use your Nintendo game consoles. Then again, if you have the new Nintendo DSi, this cartridge is not for you as it is not yet compatible with DSi. You need the new M3i which is actually still hard to find these days.

Setting Up your R4DS

For those with very little or no technical knowledge, setting up the R4DS may become a tedious task. Though it’s actually very easy, you may still get confused so it’s best to follow the step-by-step instructions given below.

Step 1: Buy the R4DS card and a MicroSD memory card.

There are two things to remember before you can use the R4DS card on your NDS. First, you need to have one. Second, you need a MicroSD memory card for storing all the data you want. Without the two or with just one of the two, your NDS game console won’t function the way you want it to. Then again, there are retailers or vendors who package their R4DS cards with MicroSD cards already – those are actually cheaper options. Thus, if you plan to store a lot of data, get one with the largest memory capacity. In the case of R4DS, the biggest would be 16 GB.

Step 2: Prepare everything your need.

Double check what your need. These are:

The R4DS Adapter
A USB MicroSD Card Reader
A MicroSD Memory Card
The XP or Vista software running on your PC (make sure it also has the latest updates)
An Internet Connection

Step 3: Download the R4DS Software.

Prior to using R4DS, downloading the latest R4DS software is a must. Since the software is updated from time to time, it follows that it doesn’t come with the R4DS adapter.

Download it similar to how you download other types of software. After download, you can find the file on your PC. Right click on it to EXTRACT ALL. Just follow the prompts and make sure you choose the default options. Once finished, you’ll see a folder under the name “G6_R4DS (4.2)” or something similar.

Open the folder to see all the files you need to continue with the set up.

Step 4: Set up your MicroSD memory card.

To do this, you need to initially find the MicroSD card then insert it into the provided USB MicroSD Card Reader. Afterwards, insert this card reader into your PC/MACs free USB port. Then Open to View Files/Folders. If it’s your first time to use the MicroSD card, you’ll find an empty file window. If you’ve already transferred some files then these files should appear.

On the window where you’ve extracted the downloaded files, choose all the files then COPY. Then go back to the empty folder and PASTE.

After doing these, choose to SAFELY REMOVE THE DEVICE then remove the USB reader from the PC. Also remove the memory card from the USB reader.

Step 5: You can now use the R4DS!

Test it out using your memory card. To do this, insert the MicroSD memory card into the R4DS adapter; insert the R4DS adapter into your NDS Slot 1 game port; turn ON your NDS; wait for R4DS to load automatically.

As a note, the R4DS just like other new R4 cards, need the latest version of its software. This way, the system can work flawlessly and thus, allowing you a better NDS experience.