For those who don’t know yet, Acekard and R4i-SDHC developers have actually been around the Nintendo DS scene much longer than the R4 team. They are actually the pioneers of the famous Slot 1 Nintendo DS card industry.

After developing and releasing the powerful Acekard last 2006, the team went off to produce the Acekard RPG and then the R4i-SDHC. Comparing it with R4 products, R4i-SDHC is a lot like DSTT. The reason behind this is that it is actually designed as a mainstream card. The difference is – it can support MicroSDHC memory. Of course, for Nintendo DS & Nintendo DS Lite users, this is awesome news as they can now use it with MicroSDHC cards having bigger storage capacities like those with 4 GB up to 8 GB sizes.

At current, the team is also developing a new Acekard version. One that doesn’t just have a built in memory but one that can also be marketed at a much cheaper price, but not as cheap as elo boosting services for your video games.

Looking online, there are actually a lot of positive and optimistic reviews for R4i-SDHC. It is for this reason it is regarded by NDS system owners as the most ideal storage device than R4 & DSTT. The best part is – it comes with a great support forum and there are actually teams who work on Firmware updates.

R4i-SDHC may not be as top of the line as Cyclo but it is definitely better than R4 and DSTT. Its support for MicroSDHC memory still makes it one of the finest around. Add the really cheap price, download play as well as support cheat functions; and you have one really powerful product. Acekard developers even noted that they’ll be releasing several Firmware updates in order to add new convenient features and to improve the product. One to mention is the soft reset function.

For those who are into style, there are actually different skins you can find for R4i-SDHC. They are available at the Acekard site. There are also skins from previous Acekard models like RPG which can be used for R4i-SDHC.

So what makes R4i-SDHC stand out from others of its kind?

There are actually a number of reasons why R4i-SDHC is the preferred choice of a large number of Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite owners. Here are some of them:

Reason #1: The method it uses directly writes save game files to the MicroSD card. Users don’t even need to manually choose save game sizes or to backup their saved games.

Saved game files placed on other flash carts can also be loaded as it is compatible with most flash carts. Users don’t need to do any converting. Just make sure that the save file features the same extension name and are placed at the same ROM directory. For it to work, run the game and use it on your new save game file.

Reason #2: It is compatible with all previous Acekard products. It also supports clean ROM booting so you’ll just be dragging and dropping stuff into your MicroSD cards. It also has download play & support.

Reason #3: It supports Homebrew software, especially Moonshell because it has the DLDI auto patcher. With this feature, users can use R4i-SDHC for their multi media files likes movies, songs and TXT novels among others.

Reason #4: It is very easy to use with its touch screen and soft reset features. This is made possible by its user-friendly GUI which allows the easiest navigation. With the soft reset feature, you won’t have any problem going back to the main menu. Just by pressing a few buttons, you can already go back to the Acekard main menu.

Reason #5: It has a customizable GUI. Files and folders even have icons in front for easy identification. Scrolling speed can also be set. You can choose whether or not you want to show your hidden files.